On this page we will be answering common questions about our organization and how it can be used to benefit your health needs, your organizations mission, and the community.


AFFORDABLE is an innovative software designed to connect you to free healthcare resources. This can be free healthcare/social services or financial aid (grants) to pay your medical bills.

How does AFFORDABLE work?

Once you create your account and fill out your profile, you can directly search for organizations and programs designed to address your health issue. Then, you can select programs of interest and apply automatically in one step. This bypasses several key steps:

  • finding local and national organizations
  • Discovering appropriate supporting programs
  • Learning eligibility criteria
  • creating new user accounts
  • filling out individual applications
  • maintaining communication with each organization

How does AFFORDABLE improve the healthcare system?

Navigating the healthcare system is complex and difficult to navigate between large hospital systems, governmental programs, nonprofit services, community groups, grant funding, and billing services. AFFORDABLE is your tool to navigate the healthcare system and get the most benefit for your needs at the lowest price possible.

Additionally, AFFORDABLE hosts a “universal application” that eliminates application fatigue. Once you fill out your profile, AFFORDABLE’s smart software will automate and communicate with these parties on your behalf.

The current healthcare model relies on you to discover and labor through barriers to obtaining your needs.

AFFORDABLE consolidates and eliminates these steps

Is AFFORDABLE providing these funds directly?

Funding is not provided by our organization directly. AFFORDABLE connects you to people and organizations that will give you that support.  Sometimes AFFORDABLE will co-sponsor funds with other parties to support pressing healthcare issues.

Is AFFORDABLE only for healthcare?

Currently, we are focusing on addressing healthcare needs directly: free health services, medical bills, prescriptions, medical devices, lab tests, and insurance needs.

However, a community based healthcare approach recognizes the social and behavior patterns that increase your risk for disease. Thus we are working to integrate resources that address these epidemiological factors that will reduce your health risks and increase the overall quality of life:

  • food support
  • physical activity/exercise
  • medical financial planning
  • adhering to medical plans
  • preventative care
  • child care
  • elderly care
  • mental health
  • drug rehabilitation
  • sleep hygiene
  • domestic & sexual violence

What are Health Utilizing Grants in AFFORDABLE?

Health Utilizing Grants, or HUGs for short, are a community based health program established by AFFORDABLE and various institutions. You can directly apply for these small amounts of money with different categories that best fit your needs. Organizations work together to decide who will benefit most from each fund and pay whatever your expense may be. Traditional charity programs may not fit your specific needs, and these HUGs are more flexible and variable to whatever obstacles you may face. Never be afraid to ask for a HUG!

These grants can be easily set up by any donor or organization looking to impact a health issue in their area. Once a sponsor establishes a fund, it is open to the public for any donations. Then, the sponsor are able to determine who would best benefit from these funds, and coordinate the release of these funds through AFFORDABLE’s interface

How much does AFFORDABLE cost for users?

For users looking to find financial and services, AFFORDABLE is completely free to use. This tool can allow you to amplify your voice so that you can find the support you need. Please contact us via support@affordhealth.org with any questions or feedback to improve our services. Furthermore, sharing the word about our software will improve the benefits AFFORDABLE can provide.

Are there updates to AFFORDABLE?

AFFORDABLE news is our activity page that talks with our network of peers about important issues and perspectives on healthcare. We share stories about the following:

  • Good deeds and programs by fellow organizations in our network
  • Charity and non-profit leaders about their perspective on ways to improve community health and healthcare costs
  • Stories from fellow users about their struggles and challenges with their health

If you are interested in the current events and conversations taking place in national/local news, you can watch and follow our social media accounts.

Where can I create an account?

AFFORDABLE is currently under development and working on launching the alpha version of the software. Therefore it is currently not publicly available to open an account. However, if you are interested in testing the software and providing feedback, contact support@affordhealth.org. We are currently seeking and recruiting volunteers.

How is my personal information protected?

Cyber security is of the utmost importance in the era of information technology, and we take it very seriously as do our affiliated organizations.  Because of our relationship to many healthcare providing institutions, we strive to meet the gold standard of protection established by HIPAA laws. We meet the technical standards in multiple dimensions, including but not limited to:

  • Password protected accounts
  • email validation on all email accounts
  • email and personal security questions required for password recovery
  • Data Encryption. (All stored data is encrypted and unreadable if accessed fraudulently)
  • Security questions for password recovery
  • 2-step verification (we reduce fraud by confirming both a password and phone number)
  • Automatic logout after 15 minutes of inactivity
  • Information privacy training to volunteers in AFFORDABLE
  • Database encryption information storage (prevents hacker access to sensitive information)
  • Use of encrypted devices at AFFORDABLE
  • Data breach risk management plan

Written permission is required before using your information for 3rd-party purposes.

For Organizations

How is AFFORDABLE a beneficial tool for my organization?

AFFORDABLE is developing a user base that is actively looking for support of their healthcare needs. By using AFFORDABLE, your program will have the following benefits

  • Easy access for users to apply
  • Increased exposure of program
  • Promotion of your organization
  • Direct integration of applicant data into current work flow
  • Grant Management tools (for funds using our HUG system)
  • Fraud detection, receipt documentation, and automated funding distribution tools
  • secure messaging system to communicate directly with awardees

The current alpha version approaching launch will be free to use. If you are interested, contact support@affordhealth.org and representatives can set up a phone or video chat meeting with you, or potentially send a representative directly to you.

How do I access applicant data?

AFFORDABLE is building various tools to make application data transfer as easy as possible! There are the following options:

  • Use Zapier, an automation tool to export AFFORDABLE applications directly into user friendly programs such as excel, email, and more. (Recommended for very small organizations with no technical team)
  • Use our API to directly port in your data directly into your database or other CRM tool for managing applicant data. (Recommended for medium sized organizations with IT teams)
  • Host your program directly in AFFORDABLE with our HUG system. (Recommended from individuals to large organizations)
  • Use automation tools to have your hosted online forms autocomplete for new applicants. (Recommended for large organizations with extensive technology stack)