Here, there will be listing important development information below with the AFFORDABLE portal. This will include updates, additional functionalities, and required maintenance that will require our systems to be offline.

Application Center

Purpose: Allow users to find charities that are offering grants and services that they wish to apply to. After selecting programs of interest, all of the applications will autocomplete and sent to the appropriate organization.


  • The user interface for the application center has been completed. Users can now search for all major nonprofits registered in the USA.
  • User can screen for charities of interest based on location (address or relative to your current location), purpose, name, and more
  • Users can now complete an AFFORDABLE registration form, which will be used to autocomplete 90% of all application fields
  • Our first program has been registered! Programs compatible with the AFFORDABLE system will be listed under each charity for selection
  • sends email notifications regarding award status

Under development

  • The creation of a tool to expand the number of AFFORDABLE programs that enables social services and volunteers to simply and efficiently integrate external applications for autocomplete features
  • have internal and external programs available in the Application Center
  • Be able to communicate with charities securely within AFFORDABLE
  • Add original documentation via a file upload and document manager
  • store your doctor information and connect physicians to your applications regarding health issues
  • add sensitive health information disease grants

Health Utilizing Grants (HUGs)

Purpose: Create open sources of financial support created by people and organizations for enhancing community health. People can select different areas of focus and create campaigns to address the most pressing affecting your area.


  • A basic grant management system has been created and tested
  • Users receiving a grant are linked to an account with their award
  • Users can request money withdraws for approved spending
  • Users can upload receipts or invoices for the good/service requested
  • Computer vision has been integrated to read the receipt and validate the request
  • Charities get a log of all awardees and their accounts
  • Charities can adjust settings for automated management of the award
  • Flag settings can be manually approved and reviewed for suspicious expenses

Under development

  • Ability to export the spending logs of each individual user for the charity
  • Add “contributor” users that are donating to HUGs or providing services
  • Add charity accounts that will be sponsoring HUGs
  • Add principle charity accounts that can add affiliates that can act on the charity’s behalf.
  • Have charities create HUGs and develop selection criteria for these grants
  • Customize the funding goals
  • Validate charity status prior to connecting information between recipients for security purposes


Purpose: Sensitive information and funding will be running through the AFFORDABLE system, and therefore ensuring protection for all parties involved is important and being activity considered during development.


  • Technical HIPAA standards have been addressed
  • Individual profiles can be created with unique usernames and passwords
  • User data is stored in our database encrypted
  • Emails will be used to link and validate accounts
  • Email alerts will be sent to notify user of suspicious account activity
  • User can validate multiple secondary email accounts
  • User registration includes adding personalized security questions
  • Password recovery includes email validation and security questions
  • User accounts will logged out after inactivity
  • 2-factor authentication has been implemented by users preference
  • name and add device to require 2 factor on login
  • add multiple 2 factor devices to prevent permanent lock out if device is lost
  • deactivate account
  • track all user activity based on IP address and account ID

Under development

  • enhance password encryption storage
  • add additional admin support for account recovery
  • implement training program for AFFORDABLE admins regarding information security.