COVID-19 Treatment Relief Fund

COVID-19 Situation in the United States COVID-19 infections in the United States is a rapidly developing situation. As of 3/18/2020, there are over 10,000 confirmed cases around the country. Infection with this virus results in flu like symptoms that progresses into severe respiratory illness. Expert analysis suggests that COVID-19 viral infection presents a significant risk […]

Medical Bill Accumulation in the United States of America

Accessing quality and affordable healthcare is a major concern many residents and citizens of the United States face every day. However, many people face additional hardship in their ability to pay for medical bills for themselves or someone in their household. Shockingly, even individuals who have medical insurance report facing difficulty affording the healthcare they […]

New Universities Support our Mission

Ohio University & Gettysburg College join the mission! AFFORDABLE is working hard to build a user focused platform that will efficiently and effectively connect people to the organizations best suited to help them. In the process, we have served as sponsors for senior students in computer science and software engineering to help mentor the students, […]

Students at The Ohio State University Create Enhanced User Security for AFFORDABLE

This summer has been a productive time for four students at The Ohio State University. They are working to earn a degree in Computer Science and search for jobs following graduation. During this process, they worked on the AFFORDABLE platform as part of their graduation requirement–a capstone project. John Spurney, graduating this fall, decided to […]

Computer Science Students at The Ohio State University Work on AFFORDABLE

Mentoring Ohio State University Students with AFFORDABLE Development. The AFFORDABLE development team has been hard at work designing and developing the AFFORDABLE network. Using our team of volunteers, we have been coding the necessary elements for a high-speed scalable network for both users and organizations that want to integrate their applications systems into AFFORDABLE. As […]