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On this page, you can easily access current events and information important to the AFFORDABLE network. This will include information about our affiliated institutions, interviews with community leaders, informative content on healthcare, lifestyle, and technology, as well as other interesting information about our operations. If you are interested more mainstream conversations, debates, or articles, you can see more on our social media accounts using the links below:

Fall 2019 Newsletter

WEBSITE  |  Developers|  Networking AFFORDABLE Fall 2019 Newsletter Have a look at all the great work our volunteers and developers have contributed during the spring semester. READ MORE DEVELOPMENT UPDATES EVERYONE CAN USE A HUG: OSU DEVELOPS MICRO-GRANT SYSTEM IN AFFORDABLE Ever feel like you could use a hug? The Ohio State University students work on […]

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UMD Student Developers Build Software to Port Charity Applications into AFFORDABLE

If you need health services, but you are worried about the cost, where do you go? Where do you apply? Who do you talk to? Who is offering financial support, and do I qualify? This is a complicated problem that people often experience, which is why AFFORDABLE is designing systems to address this issue. AFFORDABLE’s […]

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Gettysburg College CSE Students Build Document Storage Capabilities for AFFORDABLE

When you are talking about supporting an individual’s healthcare needs, there is a clear need to see some documentation. Whether this is about verifying the information that has been provided, or receiving a detailed note about an individuals health condition, there is a clear need to see and share documents. Most healthcare organizations that provide […]

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Everyone Can Use a HUG: OSU Develops Micro-Grant System in AFFORDABLE

Ever feel like you could use a hug? Well many in the healthcare system feel like they can’t find or afford one when it comes to managing their illness. AFFORDABLE seeks to be the portal for people to provide a helping hand in the healthcare system, called Health Utilizing Grants, or HUGs for short. People […]

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Medical Bill Accumulation in the United States of America

Accessing quality and affordable healthcare is a major concern many residents and citizens of the United States face every day. However, many people face additional hardship in their ability to pay for medical bills for themselves or someone in their household. Shockingly, even individuals who have medical insurance report facing difficulty affording the healthcare they […]

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Summer Newsletter

A version of our Summer Newsletter has been posted on our website for you to view! Click the links under each story to read more. *we apologize for minor formatting issues in the conversion WEBSITE  |  Developers|  Networking AFFORDABLE Summer Newsletter Have a look at all the great work our volunteers and developers have contributed during […]

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Expected Expenses of Prenatal Care

Author: Carissa Kwan The average length of gestation is 280 days, or 40 weeks. Mothers want to be assured that this long development process is proceeding normally, and expert consultation with an obstetrician/gynecologist can have a significant impact on the success of the pregnancy, including reducing the risk of low birth weight and infant mortality. […]

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Interview with Carissa Kwan

As part of our summer newsletter, we interviewed AFFORDABLE volunteer Carissa Kwan, a current undergraduate student at The University of Maryland. We wanted to learn and share more information about her experiences and what drives her to learn more about the healthcare system to improve community healthcare. Check out what she had to say about […]

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Students at The Ohio State University Create Enhanced User Security for AFFORDABLE

This summer has been a productive time for four students at The Ohio State University. They are working to earn a degree in Computer Science and search for jobs following graduation. During this process, they worked on the AFFORDABLE platform as part of their graduation requirement–a capstone project. John Spurney, graduating this fall, decided to […]

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Adverse Childhood Events Lead to Persistent Deteriorating Health and Elevated Healthcare Costs

Adverse childhood experiences(ACE’s) impact a child’s short and long term health written by Anuhya Pulapaka Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) is a broad term that describes hardships and/or trauma that individuals experience under the age of 18 that encompasses direct and indirect factors. ACEs recorded during a child’s life are categorized by the following: abuse, neglect, […]

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Interview with Isa Harold

Learn what Isa Herold had to say about working on the AFFORDABLE team! Isa Herold, a recent graduate from the University of Maryland with a bachelors degree in Computer Science, worked on the AFFORDABLE platform as part of her capstone project. This course was spearheaded by Professor Purtilo, a veteran computer science professor with a […]

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UMD Students Develop Image Recognition Software

University of Maryland Students Develop Image Recognition Software to Scan Patient Receipts Author: Grace Zhang What can a small team of Computer Science and Computer Engineering students accomplish in a single college semester? Isabella (Isa) Herold, a senior Computer Engineering student who will be joining IBM as technical consultant after graduation, met with us for […]

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OSU Students Create Prototype of Patient Application Portal

Ohio State University Students create Prototype of Patient Application Portal for AFFORDABLE Platform Author: Tay Nishimura Senior Sam Trabitz is getting ready for graduation in Columbus, Ohio with his friends, John Morales, Hannah Taylor, and Sarah Ryherd. The four Ohio State University (OSU) students have been working together this semester on AFFORDABLE’s new patient application […]

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Computer Science Students at The Ohio State University Work on AFFORDABLE

Mentoring Ohio State University Students with AFFORDABLE Development. The AFFORDABLE development team has been hard at work designing and developing the AFFORDABLE network. Using our team of volunteers, we have been coding the necessary elements for a high-speed scalable network for both users and organizations that want to integrate their applications systems into AFFORDABLE. As […]

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2018-2019 AFFORDABLE Winternship Opportunity

  Coming into 2019, AFFORDABLE is always looking for new and excited volunteers to help AFFORDABLE’s growing development needs and help mentor student skill sets in the process. AFFORDABLE is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to improving community networking, resource distribution, and medical debt remediation. For this Winternship season, we will be looking for both software […]

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2017-2018 “Winternship” Opportunity

Software Development Position for Motivated Undergraduates During the 2017-2018 winter months, we are looking for undergraduate students who are interested in technology and healthcare. Our platform is currently under development and refinement and we believe that this time period could be a valuable team building experience for people looking for new experiences in technology development […]

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