AFFORDABLE Leadership Bios

Alex Campbell


Warren “Alex” Campbell IV was born and raised in Annapolis, MD. He then attended Gettysburg College where he received a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a minor in Neuroscience in 2015. While at Gettysburg College, Alex utilized the interdisciplinary liberal arts education to diversify his educational experience. This included studying Medical Anthropology and Pharmaceutical Development in Copenhagen, Denmark as well as working as a peer science mentor to teach general chemistry and cell biology to his fellow undergraduate students. Additionally, Alex was able to research Huntington Disease Biophysics under Dr. Shelli Frey, the findings of this study were published in the journal Biochemistry which emphasized the role of cholesterol on membrane fluid dynamics and its subsequent role in Huntington disease pathology.

Following his successful undergraduate career, Alex moved to Washington, D.C. to conduct research in the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). At the NIAID he researched anthrax microbiology and biomedical engineering under Dr. Stephen H. Leppla. His primary focus was designing and producing unique chimeric anthrax toxins to target HER2 positive breast cancers. While there, undertook an extra project to develop a novel enzymatic process to facilitate the development of “designer proteins” that may be of substantial benefit to future drug design and is currently under patent review.

Alex is now in The Ohio State University College of Medicine MD/PhD MSTP program because he was attracted to what the program had to offer, this program has allowed him fulfill his desire to integrate medical research and healthcare in innovative ways. Being able to work in this program has offered him a unique opportunity to transform the medical profession from within. His research focus will be on retinal stem biology and improving retinal regeneration following injury. Meanwhile, his medical training has exposed him to healthcare system challenges that have inspired him to search for new approaches and solutions to collective financial and healthcare barriers that can improve societal health.

Alex’s goal is to bring a multitude of organizations from the private, nonprofit, and public sectors to improve overall community health. There are various communication and structural barriers to such a vast inter-institutional collaboration that makes Affordable so important, and he will be working intimately with the Networking Team to bring our society closer together.



Sean Pannella


Sean is an options trading systems developer for Susquehanna International Group interested in contributing back to community. He earned one bachelor’s of science in computer science and a second in mathematics both at University of Maryland. Sean has always been interested in applying technology to helping others. During his time at University of Maryland he helped make a system that assisted blind people with finding bus stops. (
Sean is always looking to build something that has scalable social impact.


Heggy Castaneda

(Chief Information Officer)

Heggy is a front-end developer with a growth mindset and flair for intuitive user experience design with a background in Finance and Operations Research.  She is driven to always continue to expand her knowledge, stay current with technology, and contributes back to the local tech community.  In recent years, she deepened her technical knowledge by taking online courses and attended schools such as General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive coding bootcamp, UCSC’s Internet Programming and Development program, and Udacity’s Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree program.  She is excited to help with AFFORDABLE!

Before joining Affordable, she worked at several bay area startups as a Creative Technologist, QA Engineer and Project Manager.  On weekends, Heggy usually attends local tech meetups or hosts tech events as a TechLadies’ volunteer city organizer.  Her favorite book is Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck.

Kyle Chan

(Development Team Leader)

Kyle is a 3rd year undergraduate student at the University of Maryland, College Park where he studies Computer Science and Mathematics. He aims to utilize his passion for coding and math to develop software solutions that are both accessible and powerful. In his off-time, Kyle practices chinese yo-yo, wushu, and dance through various clubs at the University of Maryland such as CP Diabolo, TerpWushu, and Tianyi.


Ross Pannella

(Chief Recruitment & Philanthropy Officer)

Ross Pannella has a passion for philanthropy and aims to bridge the gap between software developers and humanitarians. Ross continues to discover talented individuals that have contributed their unique qualities and experiences to the AFFORDABLE team. He also serves as the director of fundraising, defining .


Matt Hortopan

(Chief Strategy Officer)

Matthew Hortopan is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science in Finance, graduating with Business Departmental Honors. Upon graduation, Matthew entered the Management Consulting space as an Associate with NFQ Advisory Services in their Capital Markets practice, specializing in technology, located in New York, New York. Mathew intends to utilize his skill set gained in consulting to provide strategic solutions to complex problems affecting AFFORDABLE to benefit the community. Furthermore, Matthew will assist in AFFORDABLE’s efforts of building meaningful relationships with academic institutions, private philanthropists, and other key parties to increase awareness, action, and resources dedicated to AFFORDABLE.



Anuhya Pulapaka

Healthcare Research and Networking Team Leader

Anuhya Pulapaka is a Junior at the University of Maryland College Park studying a B.S in Neurobiology and Physiology. She has wanted to be a doctor ever since middle school, drawn by the opportunity to combine her passions for the sciences with her desire to serve her community. In her free time, she volunteers at the Pregnancy Aid Center Clinic in College Park, serves as Vice President for GirlUp, a club promoting gender equality, and works in a genetics lab on campus. She is very excited to be a part of AFFORDABLE’s unique mission!


Jake Dipardo

(Chief Marketing Officer)

Jake is pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at the Peter J. Tobin College of Business at St. John’s University in New York. He has a strong background in business operations as well as volunteering for New York area non-profit organizations. Last fall he worked as a consultant for the North Shore Learning Center on Staten Island, New York where he helped them raise around $13,000 as well as helping them find better board management. He applied his talents in marketing to revitalize their entire website, social media, volunteer forms, and their fundraising department. Affordable is proud to have Jake as a skilled graphic designer with experience in non-profits that will help improve the overall look of Affordable. Jake is excited to work with the great minds of the Affordable team to help our full potential.