Team at John Carroll University Develop Widgets for Interface Overhaul

AFFORDABLE’s mission is to connect these networks of healthcare and health supporting organizations into a portal, while concurrently reducing the complexity of the process for the individuals in need. Part of this process is the easy fluid transfer of financial aid, and this applied to the COVID-19 Relief Programs that AFFORDABLE has worked to coordinate and sponsor. With the aid we have collected, we wanted to use the AFFORDABLE portal to directly transfer financial aid after their information and request was evaluated.

The application was initially developed for use on desktops, as this was the most efficient way to create and build new features. However, most of the communities we want to interact with use mobile devices for their internet work and browsing. Many of the interface components were not designed to be dynamic to screen size, thus a new project needed to be undertaken to make the system usable on all types of devices.

This team took the challenge by developing a Storybook manager system for new web widgets that they would be creating that will be more dynamic and mobile compatible. They built a variety components, such as textboxes, date-pickers, select boxes, notecards, and more! Not only will this allow our features to be accessed successfully on mobile devices, but it will also allow the generation of new pages and features to be more consistent in the future, using our new branding and color schemes.

The team did a great job being the first to work on this project with Affordable. We look forward to see how our user interface archive will continue to grow. You can see a interview about Jonathan Greaves experiences on the project below.

Where are you currently enrolled in college?

I am enrolled at John Carroll University

What is your development team name? Who is your professor?

Our development team name is Team Foxtrot. Our professor is Dr. Daniel Palmer

Who were the members on your team?

I am in my team with Justin Scott, Tristan Polderman, and Reed Stuhlreyer

What was the goal of your software engineering project?

The goal of this software development project is to develop a set of widgets in React that can be used by future development teams to make the Affordable website cleaner both in its desktop and mobile form.

What tool/features did you have to create?

We created widgets that add textboxes, datepickers, select boxes, multi select boxes, asynchronous versions of select and multi select boxes, buttons, images, paragraph texts, cards, checkboxes, and tables to the Affordable website

What skills did you learn during the semester?

This semester, I learned how to program widgets in React, how to set up complex projects on a local machine, and how to perform effective version control on a project

What did you enjoy about working with Affordable?

While working on Affordable, I enjoyed working with my team, as well as Andy, Alex, Sean, and the rest of the OSU team. I also enjoyed learning more about web development, and how large projects like this function. Finally, I enjoyed doing work that I know will make a difference

What are your future career plans?

I do not have too many career plans right now, but I definitely want to join the workforce soon after graduating college. I have been applying to jobs that I think will be engaging and impactful, and I look forward to beginning the interview process. I hope to end up in a field like data analytics or cyber security.

Jonathan Greaves

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