Affordable Team Creates Report Generator for Organizations

Ever feel like you could use a hug? Well many in the healthcare system feel like they can’t find or afford one when it comes to managing their illness. AFFORDABLE seeks to be the portal for people to provide a helping hand in the healthcare system, called Health Utilizing Grants, or HUGs for short. People and charities would be able to provide funds to people in need in their community. Furthermore, they can direct these funds to a specific population, or an illness that holds significance to them with selection options. The goal is for AFFORDABLE to increase reciprocal support to their community members healthcare needs.

We have build several features and capabilities to help organizations manage their support and aid to charitably support the healthcare needs in their community. However, there did not exist a way that we could summarize their activities within our portal system. The groups would have to independently track their funding and donations efforts.

Now, with the work of this team from John Carroll, we have been able to create reports that will generate a table of all their grant activities within the system. Now teams will be able to get a record of their monthly or annual activities that they can use for auditing purposes or to share with their donors. This required them to create an extract-transform-load jobs to extract the necessary information from the main affordable database to fill the correct information in the report.

The team did a great job generating this report generator that will be a great tool to be utilized by organizations that adopt our system as a means of helping others healthcare needs. Read the experience of Eric D’Alessandro on the team from his interview below. We look forward to the new features that will be added to this initial software created by the team.

Where are you currently enrolled in college?

John Carroll University

What is your development team name? Who is your professor?

Team Golf, Dr.Palmer

Who were the members on your team?

Eric D’Alessandro, John D’Alessandro, Nicholas Zubizarreta, Bradley Winiarczyk

What was the goal of your software engineering project?

To Create a Report Generating Service for AffordHealth Which creates and sends receipts to donors who have donated $250 or more

What tool/features did you have to create?

I create extract-transform-load jobs in order to get the data needed for receipt generation from Affordable’s main database to our datastore for use in our report generator

What skills did you learn during the semester?

I learned how to work with MySQL databases. I also learned how to create ETL connections and jobs in AWS Glue and how to author those jobs using Python

What did you enjoy about working with Affordable?

I enjoyed working with Affordable because it was a valuable experience that gave me more real-world experience that I can carry on to future jobs. Working with the Affordable team gave me more insight into industry practices and they were very helpful throughout the process

What are your future career plans?

Upon graduation, I will be starting a full-time position at FirstEnergy as an IT Software Developer


Bradley Winiarczyk

Bio: Bradley Winiarczyk is a senior at John Carroll University and a online student at Kansai Gaidai (関西外大大学) with double majors in Computer Science and East Asian Studies. He has a heavy interest in Cyber Security and the Japanese Language. He also works part time on the Vulnerability Remediation Team for CardinalCommerce, Visa.

Eric D’Alessandro

Bio: Eric D’Alessandro is a senior at John Carroll University with a major in Computer Science and a double minor in Data Science and East Asian Studies. He is currently working as an IT Intern at FirstEnergy and his hobbies include photography, video games, and riding his motorcycle.

John D’Alessandro

John D’Alessandro is a senior at John Carroll University majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. He works as a peer learning facilitator in the University’s Learning Commons and, when he is not programming, enjoys board games, reading and writing fiction, and tenpin bowling.

Nicholas Zubizarreta

Bio:  Nicholas Zubizarreta is a student at John Carroll University majoring in Computer Science.  He lives in Bay Village, Ohio.  He is interested in Computer Science and History.  His hobbies include playing computer games, video games, board games, and reading.

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