Time to Talk: Ohio University students integrate messaging

This capstone course by Professor Nasseef Abukamail takes part in a two-semester project experience with students in teams of three to challenge them with real world applications. AFFORDABLE has been taking part as a project sponsor to lead these students in building additional functionality to the platform, specifically the use of messaging services.  AFFORDABLE is fortunate to be included in the list of projects, with the desire to not only teach and mentor the skills of these students, but ensure that their hard work will be utilized in a benevolent way to improve the community healthcare space. AFFORDABLE seeks to build and integrate features that will be an asset to community organizations to complement their current operations and better achieve their goals.

Past teams at OU have built and operated a prototype of our messaging service in the past, and was operating independently of our main application. This was accomplished by the Lone Wolf Squad consisting of Colin, Ethan, and Alya. The first task for this new team is to integrate the current code into our application to transition more smoothly with current user management and authentication procedures. This new team, consisting of Clayton, Jerry, and Liam, are working together to tackle this challenge this semester. Once the system is migrated over, they will refine and expand the current systems operations to improve the utility of the messaging system.

As an update to their mid-way point into their project, they have successfully accomplished this task! Migrating over to our applications server and implementing a ReactJS frontend into our applications pages, they have enabled users of our system to have a conversation. They will be working on making the real-time messaging quicker and more efficient over the course of the spring semester. We are ecstatic about their current progress and look forward to their future developments in the spring.

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