Spring Newsletter

Below, we have an online version of our Spring Newsletter. If you would be interested in getting added to our email list for our semester development update newsletters, please contact us at support@affordhealth.org.                 WEBSITE  |  Developers|  Networking AFFORDABLE       Spring Newsletter Have a look at all […]

Adverse Childhood Events Lead to Persistent Deteriorating Health and Elevated Healthcare Costs

Adverse childhood experiences(ACE’s) impact a child’s short and long term health written by Anuhya Pulapaka Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) is a broad term that describes hardships and/or trauma that individuals experience under the age of 18 that encompasses direct and indirect factors. ACEs recorded during a child’s life are categorized by the following: abuse, neglect, […]

Interview with Isa Harold

Learn what Isa Herold had to say about working on the AFFORDABLE team! Isa Herold, a recent graduate from the University of Maryland with a bachelors degree in Computer Science, worked on the AFFORDABLE platform as part of her capstone project. This course was spearheaded by Professor Purtilo, a veteran computer science professor with a […]

UMD Students Develop Image Recognition Software

University of Maryland Students Develop Image Recognition Software to Scan Patient Receipts Author: Grace Zhang What can a small team of Computer Science and Computer Engineering students accomplish in a single college semester? Isabella (Isa) Herold, a senior Computer Engineering student who will be joining IBM as technical consultant after graduation, met with us for […]

OSU Students Create Prototype of Patient Application Portal

Ohio State University Students create Prototype of Patient Application Portal for AFFORDABLE Platform Author: Tay Nishimura Senior Sam Trabitz is getting ready for graduation in Columbus, Ohio with his friends, John Morales, Hannah Taylor, and Sarah Ryherd. The four Ohio State University (OSU) students have been working together this semester on AFFORDABLE’s new patient application […]