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Ohio University & Gettysburg College join the mission!

Gettysburg College
Ohio University

AFFORDABLE is working hard to build a user focused platform that will efficiently and effectively connect people to the organizations best suited to help them. In the process, we have served as sponsors for senior students in computer science and software engineering to help mentor the students, simulate a “client experience”, and have them develop important functionalities important for improving community healthcare.

This coming fall we have four universities that we serve as capstone project sponsors. Our organization will be sponsoring over 27 students! Here is a brief synopsis of each team’s goals:

University Of Maryland

The teams at the University of Maryland will be working hard to build the software to enhance our charity networking system. They will do this through two different approaches. 1) They will be creating tools that will allow our volunteers to easily integrate new applications into our system to make them easy for users to access and send referrals to other organizations. 2) This will create APIs that will effectively integrate user data directly into their system to make AFFORDABLE easy to port into current organization’s administrative management. These project teams will be guided and coached by the head professor leading the capstone course Professor Jim Purtilo.

Professor James (Jim) Purtilo

The Ohio State University

The team The Ohio State University will be developing the tools to host financial aid and services directly in the AFFORDABLE network. Rather than referring out to other charity databases, the software build by this team will allow charities to create unique accounts to build and customize their applications for their services. The data will be sent as reports that the charities can use to help run their programs. This course is organized and run by professor Perumal Ramasamy, who is a senior lecturer for the Computer Science & Engineering Department at OSU.

Ohio University

Under course instructor professor Nasseef Abukamail, the students at the Ohio University will be working for 2 semesters on a large project with AFFORDABLE. Their design goal is to allow charities and users to be able to communicate directly through a secure messaging system. Once charities and users connect, having a system to be able to securely exchange messages serves a variety of important functions. For example, charities can ask for additional follow-up information for financial aid allowing the electronic transfer of documents. Service organizations effectively follow their focused population and reach out to people in need. With effective communication, sick individuals will be more likely to accept the help of other community members.

Professor Nasseef Abukamail

Gettysburg College

The students at Gettysburg College will consist of three team members, and their project will focus on developing tools that will allow users to upload original documents from their phone or computer into their AFFORDABLE profile. They will be creating an easy to use and intuitive interface that will allow users to add, edit, view, name, and delete their documents. Furthermore, the interface will allow them to create folders to organize their documents so they can be easily reached when applying to financial aid that requires these documents. This sponsored project will be supervised as part of their capstone course with Professors Clif Presser and Rod Tosten.

Professor Clif Presser
Professor Rod Tosten


We appreciate all the hard work these professors put into guiding and supporting students during these capstone projects. We can’t express the rewarding experience these collaborations provide to our members and appreciate all the time spent communicating and building these projects with us! Lets make healthcare better!

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