About Us

AFFORDABLEs mission is to innovate access to healthcare by creating a simple network of free resources for your healthcare needs

Our History

AFFORDABLE was founded by Dr. Alex Campbell, a PhD neuroscientist training as a physician scientist, and Sean Pannella, an accomplished software developer excelling in low latency software networking and currency exchanges. Together they develop new  technology to improve a systems-based community healthcare solution.

Our Mission

AFFORDABLE’s mission is to drive innovation in software technologies to make healthcare more accessible. Our approach is to design networking tools for medical financial aid and free healthcare resources. We provide a user profile that serves as a universal application for aid, reducing redundancy of community, nonprofit, and governmental sources of aid. We offer a grant database tool that allows sick patients to quickly find and apply to aid, while simultaneously providing critical technology services to local groups with limited infrastructure. These tools can also promote crowdfunding efforts to address community health issues. Additionally, we seek to partner with healthcare providing institutions to address the significant unresolved debt from patients served using electronic medical record integrations to garner more visibility for financially struggling patients and improve resource allocation to healthcare institutions that provide critical services. (www.affordhealth.org)

Make health Simple

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